ISBRE Norwegian Glacier Water
- The World's Best Drinking Water

At Isbre, we've searched far and wide to find the world's purest water.

We found it at a sub-Arctic glacier in a remote, exceptionally pristine region of Norway. Since Isbre means "glacier" in Norwegian, that's what we decided to call our product, because that's all you get: crisp, refreshing water with no impurities to disturb its taste. Norwegian Glacier Water is, quite simply, a glacier in a bottle. But taste isn't the only characteristic to savor...

Microbiological testing has shown that Isbre glacier spring water is purer than the rest. And independent laboratory analyses have shown that Isbre has the lowest total dissolved solids (TDS) ever recorded for a natural, unprocessed water.

To us, this means that its levels of salt, mineral and metal compounds are incredibly low. To you, it means that you're getting the healthiest and purest water you can buy.