Isbre's water source is located below the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier at the end of the 100 mile long Hardanger fjord in Ulvik Norway. Because of this pristine sub-Arctic glacial source, in such a remote location, accessible via fjords, we are able to bottle this incredibly pure water.*


The glacier is believed to be at least 5,000 years old - one of the oldest and purest water sources in the world. Water from our spring is of unequalized quality and we have received certification from the United States Patent and Trademark office as "The World's Best Drinking Water"®. Isbre has also obtained the EU trademark: "Isbre-The World's Best Drinking Water"®.

Hardanger is known as one of the regions on earth with the most majestic nature: Fjords, Mountains, Glaciers, and of course, lots of waterfalls.

To us, this means that its levels of salt, mineral and metal compounds are incredibly low. To you, it means that you're getting the healthiest water you can buy.

* Lab Tested by Groundwater Analytical, Inc. and Eurofins Norge

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